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Standard Mill Tooth & TCI Bits

DBI Mill Tooth Bits can be subcategorized accoring to their bearing classification.

  • Journal Bearing
    • Beryllium Copper Alloy
    • Minimizes Heat Wear
    • HNBR Seals
    • Well suited for High Temperature Applications
    • Sizes 6 in - 12.25 in
  • Open Bearing
    • Engineering for greater Weight on Bit
    • High ROP
    • Sizes 4.5 in through 17.5 in
  • Sealed Bearing
    • Balanced Weight Distribution
    • Improved Bearing Sealing Arrangement & Lubrication
    • Sizes 6 in through 17.5 in

Mining/Air Circulation Bits

  • Air Circulation
    All DBI Mining bits manufactured with Jet circulation. Airflow is employed to cool and flush the matched precision bearings, clean bit teeth and remove cuttings from the hole.
  • Cutting Structure
    Design considerations including pitch and tooth spacing are considered to ensure the bits will conquer the most extreme drilling conditions.
  • Bearings
    Bearings are triple balanced to reduce friction and eliminate unbalanced wear condition.

Frac Plug Mill

  • Our Frac Plug milling tools include hard faced mill teeth on the inner rows for aggressive cutting action to deal with the hard material found in frac applications. These cutting structures ensure optimal performance and reliablity.


These letters identify features unique to each bit.

  • C Centre Jet

  • N Mini Extended Nozzle

  • H Gauge Protection

  • WW Water Well Bit

  • B Body and Shirt Tail Protection

  • XX Extra Shirt Tail Protection

  • A Air Circulation Bit

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